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We are an international online and face-to-face academy for Neuro-Functional-Medicine, -Therapy and -Training. Our concept is based on functional neurology, structural anatomy and functional biochemistry.

Rooted in anatomy, physiology and neurology, as well as in integrated and naturopathic concepts such as osteopathy, we have developed an integrated therapy-concept of Neurofunctional Integration. It is used for the diagnosis and treatment of functional and regulatory disorders in all body systems.

Furthermore, in addition to training in Neurofunctional Integration, we offer Neurofunctional Training/Neuro-Athletic-Training and functional biochemistry.

Neurolog Academy TV – A short profile of the Neurolog Academy (3:27 min)
For short introduction to Neurofunctional Integration see below!

Live Online Introduction

We offer a free live introduction via Zoom. Duration approximately 60 minutes. Next introduction 28.6.22 at 8:00 pm CET

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Start with the on-demand version of course 1 at € 390 and upgrade to a live seminar any time!

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Live in Copenhagen

Start of the training in English: 07.-09.10.2022 in Copenhagen in cooperation with "Still Learning"

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Here ist how it works

Fundamentals of Neurofunctional Integration: Moving from Biomechanics to Bioinformatics

Dr. med. Philip Eckardt

„The human body is a completely integrated system. And it should be treated as such."

Dr. Philip Eckardt

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Short introduction to Neurofunctional Integration (3:06)

Short introduction to Neurofunctional Integration (new video)

The brain controls and coordinates all bodily functions. Therefore, it is obvious to investigate and treat the function of the nervous system in all cases of disorders of body function.

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