Venues for our courses

These are our current event locations for our courses in English.

Havarthigaarden (Holte – near Copenhagen)

Havarthigaarden is located next to Søllerød nature park to the east, Søllerød Kirkeskov to the south, but has detached houses to the west and north. Our purpose is to ensure the preservation of Havarthigaarden as a cultural, leisure and civic center, for the benefit and joy of our guests.

We live up to this section on a daily basis, and thus welcome business people in our atmospheric premises and beautiful surroundings on the old property.

Havarthigaarden has a reasonable number of parking spaces at the back of the farm. It is not allowed for the farm's guests to park on Havarthivej!

Adresse: Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte
Link: Havarthigaarden
Telefon: +45 / 45 / 42 53 87

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